Welcome to Our Exhibition at AQUATECH CHINA 2018

We will attend the Top Quality International Water Treatment Show 一 2018 AQUATECH CHINA.

uv sterilizers

National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

South entrance, No.168 East Yinggang Rd.

Qingpu District, Shanghai

P.R. China



Thursday        May 31      09:00 – 17:00 hours

Friday           June 1      09:00 – 17:00 hours

Saturday         June 2      09:00 – 15:00 hours


Booth No.  7.1H348


electronic water descaler


By air

NECC(Shanghai) is only 1.5km distance from Hongqiao Airport; 60km from PVG. Available to take airport shuttle bus, or metro to NECC.


Hongqiao Airport, Terminal 2 – NECC

Taxi: Approximate 5minutes; Metro: Line 2 direct.

PVG International Airport – NECC

Taxi: Approximate 60minutes; Metro: Line 2 direct.

Hotline service at Hongqiao Airport: 021-62688918

Hotline service at PVG International Airport: 021-38484500



By train

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station – NECC

Taxi: 1.5km distance; Metro: Line 2 direct


Shanghai Railway Station – NECC

Taxi: 25.5km distance; Metro: Line 1 to People’s Square Station, transfer Line 2 direct


Shanghai South Railway Station – NECC

Taxi: 23km distance; Metro: Line 1 to People’s Square Station, transfer Line 2 direct


condenser tube cleaning system


By metro

Line 2 starts at “XU JINGDONG”, which is just in NECC area. In the future, line 17, line 23 will be connected as well.



By car

Parking: Around 4000 parking. Outside NECC, 7000 PARK is available.


G42 high way – Hurong High way – G2



Hangyong Highway- Hukun Highway-Hangzhou Bay Highway- Hunkun Highway- Shenhai Highway-huqingping rod- G318 – xujingdong







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