Welcome to Our Exhibition at AQUATECH CHINA 2018

Peide is specialized in the design and production of uv sterilizers,self cleaning filter,electronic water descaler,ion bar,condenser tube cleaning system,multi cartridge filter housing,chemical dosing system,bag filter housing,etc.

We will attend the Top Quality International Water Treatment Show 一 2018 AQUATECH CHINA.

uv sterilizers

National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

South entrance, No.168 East Yinggang Rd.

Qingpu District, Shanghai

P.R. China



Thursday        May 31      09:00 – 17:00 hours

Friday           June 1      09:00 – 17:00 hours

Saturday         June 2      09:00 – 15:00 hours


Booth No.  7.1H348


electronic water descaler


By air

NECC(Shanghai) is only 1.5km distance from Hongqiao Airport; 60km from PVG. Available to take airport shuttle bus, or metro to NECC.


Hongqiao Airport, Terminal 2 – NECC

Taxi: Approximate 5minutes; Metro: Line 2 direct.

PVG International Airport – NECC

Taxi: Approximate 60minutes; Metro: Line 2 direct.

Hotline service at Hongqiao Airport: 021-62688918

Hotline service at PVG International Airport: 021-38484500



By train

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station – NECC

Taxi: 1.5km distance; Metro: Line 2 direct


Shanghai Railway Station – NECC

Taxi: 25.5km distance; Metro: Line 1 to People’s Square Station, transfer Line 2 direct


Shanghai South Railway Station – NECC

Taxi: 23km distance; Metro: Line 1 to People’s Square Station, transfer Line 2 direct


condenser tube cleaning system


By metro

Line 2 starts at “XU JINGDONG”, which is just in NECC area. In the future, line 17, line 23 will be connected as well.



By car

Parking: Around 4000 parking. Outside NECC, 7000 PARK is available.


G42 high way – Hurong High way – G2



Hangyong Highway- Hukun Highway-Hangzhou Bay Highway- Hunkun Highway- Shenhai Highway-huqingping rod- G318 – xujingdong







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