Warmly celebrate UV sterilizers installed successfully in Taiyuan-UV Sterilizers Manufacturer

The company which from Taiyuan has purchased two sets of UV sterilizers.One is used in reverse osmosis water;the other is used in beverage,such as Coke,lemonade,oxygen-rich water,soda water.It is one of good partners of PEIDE.The two sides have a long-term cooperative relationship.

According to the actual workload of UV sterilizers,we send two technicians to the site for installation.All the technicians passed the professional training and have more than five years experience in the installation site.They strictly follow the installation,acceptance specification and construction design of UV sterilizers to assembled on-site equipment,installation supervision and commissioning work, comply with site quality regulations, to comply with the regulations of site quality.After the installation of UV sterilizers,the technicians will inspect the quality of all the UV sterilizers.Each UV sterilizer will standalone commissioning,joint commissioning and debugging of   the whole system.
The principle “Cordial service owners,so that the owners satisfaction,so that the owners assured” which consistently adhered by PEIDE.

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The installation of UV sterilizers as below:

installation of UV sterilizers1


Installation position: between the high-pressure pump and the security filter which with reverse osmosis device




Function:used in reverse osmosis water disinfection,can significantly reduce the breeding of microorganism,slowing the clogging of the reverse osmosis membrane





Disinfection of water: 40T/H
Sterilization rate:≥99.9%







installation of UV sterilizers2





Installation position: water tank outlet of reverse osmosis water generator





Function:water disinfection for cola,lemonade,oxygen-rich water,soda and so on



Disinfection of water: 100T/H
Sterilization rate:≥99.9%










The UV sterilizers in full compliance with the following standards:
GB 5749 drinking water health standards
GB/T 5750.1 ~ 5750.13 standard test methods for drinking water
GB / T 9969 general rules for industrial product manual
GB / T 14253 general technical conditions for light industrial machinery
GB / T 19857 urban supply and drainage UV disinfection equipment
CJ/T 204 UV disinfection for drinking water
JB / T 2932 processing equipment and technical conditions


The commissioning and debugging of UV sterilizers should meet the following parameters  standard:


1.The test pressure of UV sterilizers should be 10bar,no water seepage in half an hour.
2.UV irradiation dose test::≥40mj/cm²
3.100 hours before the UV intensity attenuation < 7.5%
4.Insulation resistance <10MΩ
5.Good grounding wire
6.Surface treatment:smooth level off,no spot mark,no off color
7.Time accumulator work in normal.
8.The sampling test of UV sterilizers should meet the standard of food production water to ensure normal operation and bactericidal effect of UV sterilizers.


PEIDE is a professional water treatment equipment manufacturer.Welcome more and more customers to visit our factory.

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