Warmly celebrate PEIDE was authorized as a OEM partner for LightSources germicidal lamps in China Mainland in 2016

LightSources, Inc. is one of the most competitive ultraviolet manufacturers in European and American markets.It was established in 1983, the headquarters is located in Connecticut,which has a strong R & D team and international top experts. The advantage of UVC germicidal lamps which produced by LightSources are high strength,light decay,long life,etc.It always keep a leader in the  UV light industry around the world.LightSources, Inc. is specialized in industry,civil,Municipal landscape and so on.It is very popular with the Chinese market.It is widely used in many industries in China.The bactericidal effect and life of germicidal products obviously better than others.

Last decade,the UV sterilizers manufactured by PEIDE,using the tubes which produced by LightSources.The sterilization rate of 99.9%,life≥9000 hours,the price is reasonable.PEIDE was authorized as a OEM partner for LightSources, Inc. germicidal products in China Mainland in 2016.

The authorized certificate as below:

authorized certificate of gemicidal products

The germicidal lamps from LightSources adopt tungsten wire and with enough mercury.It is a good disinfection products which the customers preferred to choose.

The UV sterilizers which use LightSources lamps has high sterilization rate and long service life.So far,a lot of customers purchased our UV sterilizers every month.

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