Two sets of sand filters have been shipped to Egypt successfully

The products which manufactured by PEIDE are exported to more than 70 countries and regions,such as United States,Japan,Korea, Norway,the United Kingdom,India,France and Chile.The sand filter alternate name circulating water bypass filter,which is one type of the shallow media filter.The purchase order of the sand filter is from Egypt,the project name is HCC.The customer from Egypt purchased our sand filter successfully due to the competitive price,high quality,excellent after-sales service and transportation safety.The two sets sand filters which purchased by the customer are used in the cooling tower.
By the hard working of twenty days,all the sand filters have been accomplished.The inspectors detect the sand filters carefully.The surface of sand filter is smooth and flat,the welding line is homogeneous and solid,without obvious deformation or melt through.The painting is  uniform flat and level,without cockles, peeling,grinning,sagging and blister defect.It can withstand 1.2 times the atmospheric pressure lasted thirty minutes and the connecting weld without leakage.It can withstand 1.5 times the water pressure lasted thirty minutes without leakage.The electrical insulation resistance is more than 10 ohms.The PLC program testing is meet the design requirements,without sand leakage.The start differential pressure is less than 0.3bar.It conform to  the requirements of all industry standards.Our logistics department has contacted the forwarder to pick up the sand filters.In order to let the customer’s maintenance more convenient,our company provide the accessories of sand filters with cost price.


The configuration of sand filter as below:

configuration of sand filter


The packing of sand filter as below:

packing of sand filter


The electric Box of sand filter as below:

electric Box of sand filter


The water pump of sand filter as below:

water pump of sand filter


The parameter of sand filters as below:

Model PD2400*2100
Quantity 2 sets
Chamber material Carbon steel with epoxy coating
Flow rate 150T/H
Chamber size (Diameter)2400mm*2100mm (height)
Inlet&Outlet diameter DN150mm,counter flanges;outlet from side, in order to reduce the height
Filter area 4.52M2
Work pressure 6bar(0.6MPa)
Test pressure 9bar(0.9MPa)
Filter medium sea sand,1.0-2.0mm,200-400mm(Thickness)
Valve electric butterfly valve,5 pieces/set
The parameter of water pump Flow rate:150M3/H

The lift of pump:19m,11kw

Quantity:2 pieces/set, a pump with a backup

Pipeline material American-Standard SCH.40steel
Control PLC:Siemens S7-200

Protection grade:IP65 rain electrical box with glass doors


Control method:Automatic control,manual control,Differential pressure control

Water pump control box,chamber control box(water pump control and sand filter control respectively)

Water collector

Water distributor

About 180 pieces water cap(Specific according to actual)
Support There is no support at the bottom of chamber.There is support at the bottom of water pump.
Mode of transportation FR container




The production line of sand filters as below:

production line of sand filters1


production line of sand filters2

ALL the technicians from product department have more than fifteen years experience in welding.They have welding qualifications to make sure the quality of the welding.


The loading of sand filters as below

loading of sand filters1


loading of sand filters2


PEIDE pay more attention to the transportation safety of international logistics.The two sets of sand filters adopt shipping.The operation procedure of the forwarder is quite professional,such as booking space,trailer,customs clearance,confirm the Bill of lading,issue the bill of lading.


The project executive on-site guidance the loading of sand filters as below

The project executive on-site guidance the loading of sand filters1

The project executive on-site guidance the loading of sand filters2


We adopt the FR container to load sand filters due to the big volume of the sand filter.Our logistics department supervised the loading of sand filters to make sure the transportation safety of sand filters.

Besides sand filter,we produce chemical dosing system,UV sterilizers,cartridge filter and so on.
If you have any question about our products,please contact us.



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