Two sets of automatic sucking type self-cleaning filters have been shipped to Thailand successfully

Two sets of automatic sucking type self-cleaning filters packed in two wooden cases have been shipped from Shanghai port to Bangkok port by sea.Yesterday the workers of our factory packed carefully to make sure the the machines be freighted safety.

The automatic sucking type self-cleaning filter is one type of the self-cleaning water filter.

The application of self-cleaning water filter:

*Chilling water treating: such like cooling tower, water supplement system, air conditioning system, heat exchange system.
*Raw water treating: such like surface water, lake, sea water, tank water, well to remove grind, sand, algae, organism etc.
*Cycling industry water: cooling tower, polishing process water, ion exchange water, spraying process water, heat exchange plant, rolling plant, casting plant etc.
*Irrigation: farm, dip field, golf, lawn etc.
*Recycle water

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