UV Sterilizers

Application of UV sterilizers

application of UV Sterilizer

UV Sterilizer Principle

UV water disinfection system design has been carefully conceived to provide adequate germicidal dosage throughout the disinfection chamber. The dosage, as it applies to UV disinfection, is a function of time and the intensity of UV radiation to which the water is exposed. Exposure time is related to the flow rate, the higher the flow rate, the lower the exposure time or the lower the flow rate, the higher the exposure time. The UV intensity is the amount of energy, per unit time, emitted by germicidal lamp. The Dosage is the product of UV intensity and the exposure time.

Limitation of Use

The UV water disinfection system NOT intended for the treatment of water that has an obvious contamination or intentional source, such as raw sewage, nor is the unit intended to convert wastewater to microbiologically safe drinking water.

Water Quality (in)

Water quality plays a major role in the transmission of germicidal UV rays. It is recommended that the water does not exceed following maximum concentration levels.

Maximum Concentration Levels (Very Important)

Iron ≤0.3ppm(0.3mg/L)
Hardness ≤7gpg(120mg/L)
Turbidity <5NTU
Manganese ≤0.05ppm(0.05mg/L)
Suspended solids ≤10ppm(10mg/l)
UV Transmittance ≥750‰

Effectively treating water with higher concentration levels than listed above can be accomplished, but may require added measures to improve water quality to treatable levels. If, for any reason, it is believed the UV transmission is not satisfactory, contact the factory.

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UV wavelength (nm)

UV wavelength

Bacterial cells will die in the UVC(200-280mm) irradiation. 253.7nm spectral line of low pressure mercury lamp has high bactericidal effect and concentrates more than 900‰ output energy of low-pressure mercury UV  lamp.

UV Dose

The units generate a UV dosage of at least 30,000microwatt-seconds per square centimeter (μW-s/cm2), even at the end-of lamp life(EOL), which is more than sufficient to destroy most waterborne microorganisms, such as bacteria, yeasts, algae etc….

UV dose

DOSAGE is the product of intensity & time
dosage=intensity*time=micro watt/cm2*time=microwatt-seconds per square centimeter
As a general guideline, the following are some typical UV transmission rates (UVT)

City water supplies 850-980‰
De-ionized or Reverse Osmosis water 950-980‰
Surface waters(lakes, rivers, etc) 700-900‰
Ground water(wells) 900-950‰
Other liquids 10-990‰

Technology Process







UV Sterilizer size

Model No Flow Rate (m3/h) All Lamps Power (W) In / Outlet diameter Chamber dimensions (mm)
mm inches
PDCn-030 1 40 20 ZG 3/4″ 1000×Φ76
PDCn-050 2 40 25 ZG 1″ 1000×Φ89
PDCn-080 3 40 25 ZG 1″ 1000×300×Φ108
PDCn-150 6 80 32 ZG 1-1/4 1000×300×Φ108
PDCn-200 8 120 40 ZG 1-1/2 1000×400×Φ159
PDCn-300 12 160 50 ZG 2″ 1000×400×Φ159
PDC-360 15 200 65 ZG 2-1/2″ 1000×400×Φ159
PDC-500 20 240 65 ZG 2-1/2″ 1000×500×Φ219
PDC-600 25 280 80 Flange 3″ 1000×500×Φ219
PDC-700 30 320 100 Flange 4″ 1000×500×Φ219
PDC-1000 40 360 100 Flange 4″ 1000×500×Φ219
PDC-1300 50 435 125 Flange 5″ 1000×570×Φ273
PDC-1500 60 450 150 Flange 6″ 1700×570×Φ273
PDC-1700 70 525 150 Flange 6″ 1700×570×Φ273
PDC-2000 80 560 150 Flange 6″ 1700×570×Φ273
PDC-2500 100 700 150 Flange 6″ 1700×570×Φ273
PDC-3000 125 840 150 Flange 6″ 1700×570×Φ273
PDC-4000 150 1120 200 Flange 8″ 1700×570×Φ325
PDC-5000 200 1400 200 Flange 8″ 1700×570×Φ377
PDC-7000 300 2100 250 Flange 10″ 1700×570×Φ426
Drain inch G 1/2″
Lamp useful life 9000 Hour
UV lamp brand ” Lightsource” from USA
Single UV lamp 40w in general. We can aslo supply 75w, 85w, 155w, 240w, 320w
UV lamp select If you need we can aslo supply UV lamp which can generater ozone
Chamber pressure Rated to 0.6Mpa. If you need higher pressure, please tell me
Water temperature The appropriate temperature is 4 – 50 DEGREE (-5-60 degree range)
Packing Wooden packaging
Optional UV intensity monitor system
Water temperature monitor system
Time accumulator system
Cleaning system: Maunal cleaning, Pneumatic cleaning and Electric cleaing

UV sterilizer lamps

UV sterilizer lamps

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Quartz tube of UV sterilizers

Quartz tube

Accessory of UV sterilizers


Package Composition of UV sterilizers

package of uv sterilizer