Ultrasonic Algae Controller

Introduction of ultrasonic algae controller

Ultra-sonic wave is widely recognized and proven method of removing alga, degrading organic pollutant of water. It has advantages over other traditional alga-removing and inhibiting methods such as handmade remove alga. Ultrasonic algae
Ultra-sonic wave device is consisted of a launcher, float device, wire and control box.

Working principle of ultrasonic algae controller

Principle of Operation

“Cavitation effect” will happen if ultra-sonic energy is transmitted in liquid or water.
The ultra-sonic wave device system releases ultra sonic wave, which creates a sudden hotpot, with high temperature and high pressure, after a series of power cycle, like oscillation, expansion, compression and collapse. Several seconds later, the hotpot cooled instantly, with a strong shock wave, which generates an extreme physical environment for organism and alga. Alga’s cell membrane broke down at this specific frequency of ultra-sonic wave, and finally decline and disappear.


Ultrasonic algae controller Application fields

Plants for potable and waste water treatment
Sedimentation tanks
Cooling towers
Outdoor swimming pools
Irrigation systems

Ultrasonic algae controller Features

Good ability in degrading microcystins, no second pollution
No harmful to human and other aquatic organisms
Good results in alga removal with 15 days
Simple design, low failure rate
Tracking ultra-sonic wave automatically
Alga-removal at all direction
Easy operation, safety use, high efficiency and easy repair

Ultrasonic algae controller Technical data

1.Power supply/signal generator:
Output power:5-200W
Impulse ultra-sonic wave: net weight of 2kg
2.Ultra-sonic energy range: 1-80M circle




Ultrasonic algae controller Advantages

1. Improve water quality in short time
2. No pollution
3. Low cost
4. Easy operation

Algae grow fast in Spring and Summer, which caused water to turn into green. After use of Ultra-wave sonic for 7 days,you will see cleaner and improved purity water.


Installation site of ultrasonic algae controller

Here are some users using a period of time of rendering




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