Magnetic Water Conditioner

Working principle

Negative charge of bicarbonate ions (HCO3-) can not absorb on the surface of pipe on the function of repulsion from the negative charge pipe. Carbonate crystals will precipitate from water in strong magnetic activation. The stable partial diamond crystal will change. Amorphous crystals can not congregate together forming large polycrystalline but to soft aragonite. Aragonite has no ability of absorbing on the surface of pipe. So it will suspended in the water and precipitate when the water flow is smooth.

Clean scale

Positive charge hydrogen ion will be absorbed by negative charge pipe and dissolve generated scale and corrosion. Activation of polar water molecules will penetrate into the scale and do the effect of constriction and sorption. Scale will be off from the surface of pipe gradually. The time of clean scale is based on the depth of scale and system working condition.

Inhibit corrosion

Pipe and water form bipolar nature. Water is positive and pipe is negative. The negative charge of pipe form cathode protection in order to electrochemical corrosion occur. The negative charge oxygen is repelled by negative charge to not corrode the pipe. The bacterial and algae will be killed and can not produce mucus. So there will be no slime to reach to inhibit the occurrence of bio corrosion.

Kill bacterial and algae

Hydroxyl ions which is generated through ionization reaction has most natural oxide sterilization function. Free activation oxygen can destroy biological macromolecules, microbial membrane peroxidation and damage the dismutase. What’s more, magnetic field cause microorganisms, bacterial and other cells passivation, enzyme inactivation. The environment to survival is damaged, the bacterial and algae can not survival. At the same time, the system environment is alkaline which is not conducive to the growth of bacterial and algae.


Widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, coal, rubber, textile, leather, paper making, pharmacy, food, beverage, agriculture, aquaculture and so on all walks of life, and hotel, hospital, hotel, building of central air conditioning, boiler… 1.Industrial circulating cooling water system, DC straight row of cooling water system, industrial process water system. 2.Boiler system (smoke pipe, water pipes, hot water), fue system. 3.Heat exchanger. 4.Central air conditioning, cold water machine, cooling water, cooling towers, pipes. 5.Air compressor cooler, plastic injection molding machine, dehumidifier, generators, industrial washing machine. 6.Oil pipe, water pipe, water plant…


1.Remove and prevent pipe scale and rust formation. 2.Don’t need to maintenance personnel management, maintenance costs low. 3.Technology is to achieve zero emissions, save a lot of water. 4.Improve the system in the thermal efficiency, save energy (15% ~ 30%) 5.Do not use chemicals,Environmental pollution free. 6.Don’t consume energy and long service life. 7.Small volume, convenient installation. 8.The descaling process can produce hydrogen peroxide, reduce the water content of bacteria.

Technical parameters

Magnetic field intensity: 2000-10000 gauss Scale inhibition rate:85% Kill algae rate:≥ 95% Prevent scale rate:≥ 90% Germicidal rate:≥ 95% Strong magnetism intensity loss less than 30 gauss in every unit Water temperature: 0-90℃ Water Treatment Capacity:1-125T/H

Model specification

No Model Diameter(mm) Flow(m3/H) Magnetism intensity
1 CLDQ-DN10-16 10 1 6000Gauss
2 CLDQ-DN15-16 15 1.8 6000Gauss
3 CLDQ-DN20-16 20 3 6000Gauss
4 CLDQ-DN25-16 25 4.6 6000Gauss
5 CLDQ-DN32-16 32 6 6000Gauss
6 CLDQ-DN40-16 40 12 6000Gauss
7 CLDQ-DN50-16 50 19 6000Gauss
8 CLDQ-DN65-16 65 33 6000Gauss
9 CLDQ-DN80-16 80 50 6000Gauss
10 CLDQ-DN100-16 100 80 6000Gauss
11 CLDQ-DN125-16 125 125 6000Gauss


magnetic water conditioner packing

magnetic water conditioner packing2