Electric Descaler

Electric Descaler is also known as electronic water treatment device,electronic anti-scale system,multifunctional electronic incrustation cleaner,multifunctional high frequency electric descaler,electronic scale treatment device,electronic water processor,pipe scale formation cleaner,etc.


With China’s accelerated modernization,various industrial circulating water systems and cooling devices are being increasingly used.Circulating water in cooling and circulating systems will inevitably lead to scaling,bacteria-algae breeding,and corrosion in varying degrees,leading to reduced heat efficiency,shortened service life,serious perforations,pipe blockage,or even forced shutdowns.Water quality is often ignored in China’s water circulation treatment systems management and is a general problem.


Traditional chemical methods can help to avoid scaling or eliminate incrustation,but they are expensive,energy-consuming and harmful to environment.Electronic water descaler is a dedicated, well developed water treatment device aimed at resolving the above difficulties.By using high frequency electromagnetic technology,it comprehensively and effectively treats water,and prevents and removes scale.It also facilitates sterilization and killing of algae.The electronic water descaler has a long service life and can be operated by non-technical personnel.It’s a one-time investment with lifetime benefits and an ideal water circulation treatment device.


To improve functional limitations of electronic water descaler and automatic sewage filter,Peide Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd has also developed RF filters and organically integrated the two technologies to create water treatment devices.Ion bar water treatment device has the same function as the electronic water descaler and can be installed more easily.



Operating principle

In the electronic water descaler the primary device generates an electromagnetic field and resonance to treat water,so that the original macromolecule water in flocculation state is interrupted and decomposed to highly active unimolecular or micromolecular water in flocculation state.This changes water’s physical structure and characteristics, and enhances water molecule polarity,dipole moment,and dissolving capacity for calcium and magnesium ions,carbanion and other components of scale,in order to prevent scaling.Additionally,under the action of high frequency electromagnetic field existing scale deposits soften,fall off and dissolve to complete the descaling process.


Scaling leads to oxidation and galvanic corrosion,which are the main reasons for rusting and corrosion of pipes and equipment.Moreover,dissolved oxygen is hard to separate as it is combined with water molecules and makes it difficult to prevent rusting or corrosion due to oxidation and galvanic corrosion.Therefore,the action of high frequency electromagnetic field can control and eliminate incrustation.


Additionally,high frequency electromagnetic fields can damage the environment on which bacteria and algae rely for their existence.The action of high frequency electromagnetic fields leads to dissolved oxygen forming substances like O3 and H2O2, which can kill bacteria and algae,thereby facilitating killing of algae and acting as effective disinfectants.


The new multifunctional electronic water descaler adopts resonance field electronic water treatment technology that provides optimal treatment.




CLDC electronic water descaler is the latest-generation international standard electronic water treatment device,which is successfully developed using electronic resonance processing technology.


The electronic water descaler provides scale prevention and removal,corrosion and rust prevention,disinfection and killing of algae,and water activation functions.


The electronic water descaler widely used in central air conditioning system,industry chilling system,heat exchange system,boiler system,etc.



Scale prevention and removal

After absorbing high frequency electromagnetic energy, a single water molecule dissociates from its existing association with a large chain-like macromolecule, and surrounds cations and anions present in water (scale ion formed when salt dissolves in water), thus reducing motion rate and effective collision, leading to a decline in electrostatic attraction. Cations and anions lose their affinity for water and tend to disperse. The electromagnetic field prevents calcium and magnesium ions in water to form calcium and magnesium carbonate, thereby effectively preventing scaling and achieving good anti-scaling effects.


Under the action of high frequency electromagnetic field,dipole moment increases. The cations and anions lose their affinity for water,thereby improving the dissolution rate of existing scale along pipe walls.This synthetic action makes it hard for scaling to occur,and old scale gradually dissolves or falls off,achieving descaling.


Function of scale prevention and removal for electronic water descaler

                                                            Before installation                                       Four months after installation 


Disinfection and killing of algae

Generally,weaker electromagnetic field strengths on the earth’s surface nurture microorganisms.The electronic water descaler generates high frequency AC electromagnetic eddy currents in the water,and greatly changes electromagnetic field strength in the water,thereby damaging the ecological environment where bacteria and algae thrive.The formation of bacteria and algae is prevented,and existing bacteria and algae are killed. Additionally,electron excitation causes water molecules to encircle and trap existing dissolved oxygen in the water,thereby cutting off oxygen supply to the bacteria and algae,thus killing algae or acting as a disinfectant.

Function of disinfection and killing of algae

                                                                 Before installation                                                After installation 


Corrosion and rust prevention

Under the action of high frequency electromagnetic energy, single water molecules tolerate oxygen molecules that are dissolved in the water, convert them into inert oxygen and block the source of oxygen required for corroding metal. Also, the electromagnetic field of suspension compounds’ modulation frequency is stimulated by high frequency electromagnetic waves, thus generating a “skin effect.” Negative charges collect on the pipe wall, while excess positive charges remains in the water, thereby rendering the water molecules ineffective and reducing their corrosive action; red rust (Fe2O3) is converted to a film of black rust (Fe3O4) with strong anti-corrosive properties, thereby preventing rusting and corrosion.


Function of corrosion and rust prevention for electronic water descaler

                                                        Corroded pipeline before installing        Six months after installation


The comfiguration

comfiguration of electronic water descaler1


comfiguration of electronic water descaler2

comfiguration of electronic water descaler3




1.Advanced technology:Electronic resonance field water treatment technology,that is,high frequency electromagnetic field water treatment technology,was first developed in China,and represents a new trend in electronic water treatment technology.


2.Strong adaptability:It can adapt to water with varying degrees of quality and can resist corrosion caused by hard water with high calcium carbonate content;even as much as 700mg/L (CaCO3)


3.Make use of high-frequency electromagnetic technology in water treating,which can increase at least 30% work efficiency.


4.Special shielding technology has been adopted in the high frequency output terminal.Moreover,the high frequency output terminal is connected to an electrode to reduce power loss and facilitate maintenance and repair.


5.The special alloy material can make use life time to 20 years.


6.The device uses an R-type transformer,which is the most advanced in the world.With small magnetic disturbances and very low no-load current,such transformers are superior to ordinary transformers in their ability to adapt to varying degrees of temperature and humidity.


7.Signal light shows electrode energy release enough or not.


8.Extra add drain outlet,which is easy to drain scales.




1.Environmental protection:Does not change water’s chemical properties, pollution-free,and non-toxic to water and the environment.


2.Convenience:Small and easy to install.Moreover,it can operate unsupervised for long periods.


3.Low investment:Low operating costs and only requires limited electricity.


4.Maintenance free:15 years designed service life




1.Daily-use industries:Various hot-water boiler systems,central air-conditioning water systems,heat exchange systems,wall-mounted boilers,etc.


2.General industrial equipment:Cooling water and chilled water in air compressor, refrigerator,heat exchanger and cooler.


3.Application in special industries:Scale prevention,scale removal,magnetization,disinfection and killing of algae in water devices in the food,pharmacy and wine industries.


4.Water supply systems for manufacturing and household purposes,as well as water supply systems for fountains and swimming pools.


5.Water supply systems likely to generate bacteria,algae and scale.




Technical parameters


1.Input power: 220V,50Hz


2.Water hardness require: ≤700mg/L(CaCO3)
Temperature: ≤95℃
Work pressure: 1.0MPa,1.6MPa
Flow speed: ≤2.8m/s


3. Scale resist: ≥95%
Bacterial killing: ≥95%
Algae removing: ≥95%


4.Function time: within 2 hours in after treating.Half-time is 1 hour.



Internal structure

The electronic water descaler comprises a primary device and auxiliary unit.The primary device generates high frequency electromagnetic field (resonance field) signals,and the auxiliary unit is a device that transmits the signal from the primary device to the water,for treating it.It is a device that is made of detachable parts that can be installed as one unit or in parts,and the parts are connected with each other by shielded wires.

Internal structure of electronic water descaler




Comparison of Peide ’s and others in the industry

Comparison of Peide ’s electronic water descaler and others in the industry1

Performance comparison of various scale removal systems



Performance comparison of various scale removal systems


Performance comparison of various scale removal systems2


CLDC-D model coding

CLDC-D model coding of electronic water descaler



Specification table of CLDC-D


Model Inlet/outlet diameter A B C D Power Flow
inch mm W T/H
CLDC-2D 2 50 500 100 280 300 25 19
CLDC-2.5D 2.5 65 500 100 280 300 25 28
CLDC-3D 3 80 500 150 330 300 50 50
CLDC-4D 4 100 500 150 330 300 50 80
CLDC-5D 5 125 600 219 340 400 75 125
CLDC-6D 6 150 680 273 350 400 75 180
CLDC-8D 8 200 800 325 470 500 100 320
CLDC-10D 10 250 850 377 530 550 125 490
CLDC-12D 12 300 920 426 560 600 225 710
CLDC-14D 14 350 970 478 560 650 250 1000
CLDC-16D 16 400 1020 530 660 700 350 1400
CLDC-18D 18 450 1090 630 730 750 425 1600
CLDC-20D 20 500 1200 720 830 800 500 1970




CLDC-A model coding

CLDC-A model coding of electronic water descaler




Specification table of CLDC-A


Model Inlet/outlet diameter A B C D Power Flow
inch mm W T/H
CLDC-2A 2 50 400 159 760 580 25 19
CLDC-2.5A 2.5 65 400 159 760 580 25 28
CLDC-3A 3 80 400 159 760 580 50 50
CLDC-4A 4 100 400 159 760 580 50 80
CLDC-5A 5 125 460 219 760 580 70 125
CLDC-6A 6 150 520 273 780 600 70 180
CLDC-8A 8 200 560 325 820 640 80 320
CLDC-10A 10 250 610 377 860 680 120 490
CLDC-12A 12 300 710 478 960 780 210 710
CLDC-14A 14 350 770 530 1020 840 250 1000
CLDC-16A 16 400 910 630 1120 940 330 1400
CLDC-18A 18 450 1040 720 1220 1040 410 1600
CLDC-20A 20 500 1140 820 1330 1150 500 1970

Note: In addition to the above displayed specification,Peide can provide customized processing according to customer requirements,to meet different customer needs.



Points to consider before purchasing descaler


1.In general,the water pipe diameter of electronic water descaler should be consistent with the inlet/outlet diameter.If the designed pipe’s diameter is increased,the water treatment device’s pipe diameter should also correspondingly increase.


2.In the following circumstances,we recommend the user to select a larger model:
Water flow speed >2.8 m/s
Water temperature >50℃


3.Generally the designed pressure bearing capacity is 1.0MPa.If the pressure exceeds such standards,please specify at the time of placing the order.


4.If the electronic water descaler is going to be installed outdoors,please indicate clearly while placing the order.



Installation diagram


Cooling water central air conditioning system

Installation diagram of Cooling water central air conditioning system



Chilled water central air conditioning system

Installation diagram of Chilled water central air conditioning system



Hot water recirculation system

Installation diagram of hot water recirculation system



Industrial Recycling Cooling Water System 

Installation diagram of industrial recycling cooling water system



Residential domestic water supply system

Installation diagram of residential domestic water supply system



Precautions and requirements for installation


1.Determine the specification for electronic water descaler based on flow,pressure and pipe diameter.


2.The electronic water descaler should be connected to the pipelines in series and close to main devices such as condenser, heat exchanger, and cooling tower. In a circulating system, the water entering the heating chamber should flow through the electronic water descaler, meaning that the electronic water descaler should be installed on the circulating pipe line. It is always better to install the electronic water descaler at the water pump’s outlet pipe and to avoid installation in the water pump’s inlet pipe.


3.A new device and system may be directly installed with the electronic water descaler.A system with serious scale build-up (scale thickness ≥2.5mm) should be cleared of scale before installing electronic water descaler to prevent pipe blockage.


4.The circulating water system running throughout the year should have bypass pipes installed to facilitate checking of electronic water descaler without causing shutdown.


5.The electronic water descaler should be installed indoors,and in waterproof enclosures when installed outdoors.While installing and handling,the electric controller should be protected from stress and moisture.


6.A clear space not less than 600mm shall be reserved above or along the opening direction of electric controller to facilitate repair.


7.The electronic water descaler should be handled with care near the vapor outlet or boiler pipe support.


8.The electronic water descaler interface does not restrict water flow direction,and can be connected and installed according to field conditions.



Operation instructions


1.The electronic water descaler has been tested by the competent technology inspection department at the factory before shipment,so the user need not adjust the primary device.


2.Red indicator light is the power indicator light.Green light is working indicator light.
A.Red light works,green light not work,users should stop the equipment,and notice the factory or technicians to repair.
B.Green light works,red light not work,it shows equipment in normal operation,users can notice the factory to repair at the same time.
C.New devices and cleaned devices may have to undergo wastewater discharge once a month;the device and system with water scale should undergo wastewater discharge either once a week or once a month until the scale has been removed.




1.When indicator lamps remain off,check if the power supply works.If it still doesn’t work,please contact the dealer for professional after-sales service to resolve the issue.


2.When the power indicator lamp is on but electrode indicator lamp is off,it indicates that the electrode corresponding to the indicator lamp is out of order,while other electrodes are working and running continuously. Please contact the dealer for professional after-sales service to resolve the issue.



Maintenance plan


1.The electronic water descaler has been thoroughly tested at the factory before shipment.The user should not open the primary device’s casing for troubleshooting as it may damage the inner lining or the equipment may get scraped.


2.When the entire water system has been verified and qualified,the electronic water descaler
will run only when connected to a 220v-50hz power supply source.


3.To ensure longer service life of electronic water descaler,it is recommended that the electronic water descaler should be switched off when the water system is not running.


4.While operating,a completely closed circulating system should undergo wastewater discharge once a month at least,and wastewater discharge shall be not less than 5% of total water in the system.A semi-closed circulating system should undergo wastewater discharge at least once a week.The concentration should not exceed 4~5.


5.When the system runs seasonally or has been out of service for some time,it is necessary to add appropriate amount of corrosion inhibitor in the water before the system stops,in order to reduce corrosion and protect the system.When the system restarts,appropriate quantity of biocide agent should be used to clean the system and get rid of the biological sludge that builds up when the system is not in use.



Site pictures for some cases

case1 of electronic water descaler

Case scene 1 
Application:Prevent scaling in air conditioning cooling systems.
Customer:A large shopping mall in Nanjing
Core advantages of electronic water descaler:It significantly removes water scale without altering the chemical nature of water,or polluting and damaging water quality and environment.
Overview:Cooling and heating for 4,500 m2 shopping mall: 3 sets electronic water descalers are installed;Flow:50T/H; Requirement:installed in the air-conditioning room.
Project profile:The mall operates out of a 4,500 m2 facility,with the first three floors designed and planned according to modern international business concepts,integrating shopping,leisure,catering and many other service functions.



case2 of electronic water descaler

Case scene 2 
Application:Industrial circulating cooling water
Customer:Industrial park in Shanghai
Core advantages of electronic water descaler: It significantly removes water scale without altering the chemical nature of water,or polluting and damaging water quality and environment.
Overview:The cooling circulating water system in one chemical plant is installed with 5 sets electronic water descalers;Flow:100T/H;Requirement:used for preventing scale formation,killing algae and preventing corrosion.
Project profile:With an investment of RMB850 million,this project has the best production facilities in the industry domestically, including a water-flow system comprising 5 sub-systems.The flow of each sub-system is 100T/H.



case3 of electronic water descaler

Case scene 3 
Application:Scale prevention and removal in refrigeration systems at a pharmaceutical factory.
Customer:A pharmaceutical company in Hangzhou
Core advantages of electronic water descaler: It significantly removes water scale without altering the chemical nature of water,or polluting and damaging water quality and environment.
Overview:2 sets electronic water descaler are implemented;Flow:450T/H;Requirement:Bear water pressure 1.6Mpa,water temperature 5-60℃
Project profile:A pharmaceutical factory’s workshop with an area of more than 6,500 m2,used for preparing traditional Chinese medicines,with a total investment of RMB350 million.



case4 of electronic water descaler

Case scene 4 
Application:Air conditioning system water treatment for grand theatre
Customer:A grand theatre
Core advantages of electronic water descaler: It significantly removes water scale without altering the chemical nature of water,or polluting and damaging water quality and environment.
Overview:4 sets electronic water descaler were used.DN250:2sets; DN200:2sets; Bear pressure 1.0Mpa
Project profile:Covering an area of 11,528 m2,with total built-up area of 70,000 m2,and total building height of 40 meters.The whole building has 10 floors with 2 floors underground,6 floors above ground,and 2 on the top.



Packing pictures

Packing pictures of electronic water descaler




Truck loading picture 

Truck loading pictures of electronic water descaler