Automatic Brush Filter

Automatic brush filter regular Structure and working principle

Automatic brushaway filter is composed of the drive mechanism, the control circuit (including the pressure switch), filter components, cleaning device, connecting flanges and other major component parts.It cleans sewage by the drive motor and the electric valve automatically, the operation mode is automatic operation (option:manual operation), with timing control or pressure difference control. Its automated part is controlled by reliablePLC programmable controller.
Water enters into the filter, the mechanical impurities are intercepted.When the impurities accumulate for a period, reaches 0.05MPa, then the differential pressure switch will send signal, while the PLC command is issued, transmission motor starts, the drain valve opens, the impurities deposited on the filter is brushed away,and drain out.The whole process is without personnel, without downtime. Besides, the device also has the function of timing and manual cleaning to ensure that the outlet water is safe under any circumstances.

Automatic brush filter Two types of cleaning method

Automatic control: there are two types:timing control and pressure difference. Set the filtration time on the filter timer, when it reaches the setting time, the brush will start cleaning sewage,discharge time is also set by timer; while the system pressure control system with real-time user-defined pressure compared when the system pressure reaches the set pressure difference, the filter will start cleaning sewage, sewage discharge time set by the timer.The whole system returns to its initial state, prepare for the next filtration step.
Manual control: Press the manual button on the control panel, filters will start cleaning.

Automatic brush filter Feature

1.Filter precision from 100um to 3500um,big filter area,high sewage carrying capacity,customized product.
2.Simple turn-of-a-handle cleaning of the filter screen,adjust the parameter of the automatic cleaning system.Automatic cleaning.
3.Has motor overload protection, which can effectively protect the motor.
4.Eliminates the need for turning off the water and extracting the filter screen for rinsing.No interruption of the process water flow during cleaning,Low pressure loss:less than 1%.
5.Easy to maintenance,installation and disassemble.
6.Flange connections to the user’s pipeline, national standard flange, versatility.

auto brush self cleaning filter 3

Automatic brush filter regular Technical Parameters

1. Treatment effectiveness
Filter precision:100-3000um(or customized)
Filtration efficiency: 99%;
Initial pressure loss: ≤0.015Mpa.

2. Inlet Water Quality
Working pressure: 1.0 / 1.6 / 2.5Mpa;
System pressure: >0.25Mpa;
Working temperature: 1 ℃ -90 ℃;
Working environment temperature: 1 ℃ -50 ℃;
Relative Humidity: <95%.

3. Operating parameters
Mean time between failures:> 60,000 hours;
Design life: 20 years for shell; 8 years for electrical parts.
Power: 0.2-0.6kw
Operating voltage: 220V ~ 380V ± 10%, 3-phase, 50 / 60Hz;
Safety insulation voltage: 5000V.

4. Mesh to micron conversion chart

Micron(um) 100 120 150 200 400 800 1500 3000
mesh 150 120 100 80 40 20 10 5

Automatic brush filter regular  “Y” type parameters


Model  Inlet&outlet Max flow rate Dimension   Drain Motor
DN T/H L φ L1 mm Kw/r/min
SLQ-2Y 50 19 600 159 300 25 0.18/1400
SLQ-3Y 80 50 600 159 300 25 0.18/1400
SLQ-4Y 100 80 700 159 300 40 0.18/1400
SLQ-5Y 125 125 750 219 350 40 0.18/1400
SLQ6Y 150 180 800 275 450 50 0.18/1400
SLQ-8Y 200 320 850 325 525 50 0.18/1400
SLQ-10Y 250 490 900 377 650 50 0.18/1400
SLQ-12Y 300 710 950 426 700 65 0.18/1400
SLQ-14Y 350 970 1170 478 820 65 0.18/1400

Automatic brush filter  -“F” type parameters


Model  Inlet&outlet Max flow rate Dimension   Drain Motor
DN T/H L φ L1 mm Kw/r/min
SLQ-2F 50 19 300 159 225 25 0.18/1400
SLQ-3F 80 50 300 159 270 25 0.18/1400
SLQ-4F 100 80 300 159 300 40 0.18/1400
SLQ-5L 125 125 350 219 365 40 0.18/1400
SLQ6F 150 180 600 273 450 50 0.18/1400
SLQ-8F 200 320 700 325 560 50 0.18/1400
SLQ-10F 250 490 700 377 700 50 0.18/1400
SLQ-12F 300 710 1000 426 800 65 0.18/1400
SLQ-14F 350 970 1000 478 940 65 0.18/1400

Automatic brush filter regular  -“L” type parameters


Model  Inlet&outlet Max flow rate Dimension   Drain Motor
DN T/H L φ L1 mm Kw/r/min
SLQ-2L 50 19 300 159 250 25 0.18/1400
SLQ-3L 80 50 300 159 250 25 0.18/1400
SLQ-4L 100 80 300 159 250 40 0.18/1400
SLQ-5L 125 125 350 219 275 40 0.18/1400
SLQ6L 150 180 450 273 325 50 0.18/1400
SLQ-8L 200 320 525 325 360 50 0.18/1400
SLQ-10L 250 490 650 377 425 50 0.18/1400
SLQ-12L 300 710 700 426 450 65 0.18/1400
SLQ-14L 350 970 820 478 520 65 0.18/1400

The video of working principle :

Internal Fitting


Automatic brush filter regular  Installation chart


Automatic brush filter regular Installation Points for attention

1.The check valve must be installed to avoid back pressure or backwater phenomenon, caused by inward deformation of filter screen.
2.For the operating pressure above 0.8MPa or more, the gate valve must be installed on the sewage lines, it will reduce the pressure loss, and the impact after the drainage.(you may ask for specific advisory from suppliers)
3.Prohibit the sudden pressure relief. For example, the normal working pressure is 1.3MPa, shut down suddenly,and open the outlet piping manifold pressure relief valve, it will have a huge opening moments of pressure will cause filter damage.
4. Make sure that the filter works within the normal operating range, banned from overpressure, over flow rate.
5.When the equipment alarms, if you can not handle at once, you should immediately open the bypass valve. Otherwise, thefilter can not hold pressure,andit also affectproduction.
6.For the filter with control box, you must ensure the continuous power supply for control box . Otherwise, it will cause filter clogging, the system hold pressure, impact production, and even cause filter damage. Re-transmission may occur because of filter clogging motor tripping the alarm. Power interruption is recommended to open the bypass valve, close the filter inlet and outlet valves and control box power switch.Filter restart when power on.

How to install automatic brush filter regular

1. Equipment can not be installed in the negative pressure zone.
2. Noted the direction of the water flow.
3. By-pass conduit is preferably provided so that the normal operation of the filter for cleaning or failure does not affect the system;
4. Pipeline should be floated over 5m,supported by steel or concrete barrier.
5. When the filter installed with other water processor equipment,this filter should be installed before the inlet.

How to choose the suitable model

Please clarify below parameter:
1.Water flow rate
2.Chemical characteristic of fluid
3.SS of fluid
4.Filter precision
5.Pipe pressure
6.Working pressure
7.Direction of flow
8.Drainage way

Automatic brush filter regular Maintenance

1.After install the brushaway filter, the pipeline should be cleaned by banging pipes,to remove the welding slag and other debris,to preventdamage caused by slag debris.Wash the filter after initial running for a week.
2.Runtime system for the first time, you should first open the supply valve, until the system is filled with water, and then open the valve, in order to facilitate the removal of impurities in the pipeline, to prevent access to the coil;
3.Timely sewage drain (especially in summer) according to the system set pressure and concentration ratio.
4.In the dry state,it’s prohibit to open device for a long time.During downtime or seasonal shutdown, it should be wet protected,in avoid of pipeline corrosion.

Automatic brush filter regular Spare parts


Automatic brush filter regular Package


Production Technique

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