Auto Back Wash and Manual Screen Filter

Structure and Working Principle

P-type automatic sewage filter is made of high-quality carbon steel cylinder, the special structure of the stainless steel wedge filter screen, flow direction valve and sewage drain. In the working status, flow direction valve is on, the water flow from the inlet into the filter, through the filter screen to the outlet (see Figure 1). When the filter needs sewage, flow direction valve closed, open the drain valve, water flows through the first half of the mesh filter, part of the water flow into the system from the outlet, the remaining water flow from the backside of the filter into the inside, automatic backwash the filter screen (see Figure 2). So that the entire washing process is operating normally, without downtime. Flow direction valve opening mechanism include sub-manual and electric type, when using an electric opening mechanism with clock control electrical control box, it can set the time required to achieve automatic cleaning sewage, then the outfall installed electric ball valves, flow direction valve and sewage electric valve to achieve linkage.



1.Small volume, low cost, no filter, a small amount of maintenance. Long mesh tube network life and high reliability.
2.High degree of automation, easy operation and management, long-term unattended operation.
3. Low pressure loss, energy saving, the use of the main channel hydraulic backwash, no need for backwash water.
4. Filtration precision: 1000-5000μm.
5. Easy to install, can be installed directly on the pipe, particularly suitable for field use under various process conditions.
6. Widely usage, ensure a safe operation of the water utility, simple and reliable method in any backwash process, can maintain uninterrupted normal operation.

Function and Application

Auto back wash and manual screen filter is widely used in a variety of water systems, process water systems and industrial cooling water systems, especially in online 24 hours system. It can remove all kinds of mechanical impurities in water, ensure safe and reliable operation of system. Our filter is the ideal alternative products, the indicators can reach the same level of imported filters.


1. The domestic water supply, water supply and pre-filtering for industrial water supply;
2. steel, petroleum, chemical, paper, automotive, food, metallurgy and other industries beginning circulating water filtration;
3. Fist stage of circulating cooling water filtration;
4. The water reuse, waste water treatment filter;
5. Central air conditioning, boiler return early filter;
6. Municipal, green spraying, irrigation, agricultural irrigation, drip irrigation water filter early.

Models-Manual type


Model Inlet&outlet A L d Flow rate
inch mm mm mm mm T/H
FLQ-2P 2 50 410 340 25 19
FLQ-3P 3 80 500 400 25 50
FLQ-4P 4 100 580 470 40 80
FLQ-5P 5 125 640 530 40 125
FLQ-6P 6 150 730 610 50 180
FLQ-8P 8 200 900 750 50 320
FLQ-10P 10 250 1059 900 50 490
FLQ12P 12 300 1300 1100 65 710
FLQ-14P 14 350 1450 1250 65 970
FLQ-16P 16 400 1600 1350 65 1260
FLQ-18P 18 450 1800 1500 100 1590


Automatic type


Model  Inlet& outlet A L D Flow rate
inch mm mm mm mm T/H
FLQ-2PZ 2 50 600 340 25 19
FLQ-3PZ 3 80 600 400 25 50
FLQ-4PZ 4 100 680 470 40 80
FLQ-5PZ 5 125 680 530 40 125
FLQ-6PZ 6 150 50 610 50 180
FLQ-8PZ 8 200 900 750 50 320
FLQ-10PZ 10 250 1050 900 50 490
FLQ-12PZ 12 300 1300 1100 65 710
FLQ-14PZ 14 350 1450 1250 65 970
FLQ-16PZ 16 400 1600 1350 65 1260
FLQ-18PZ 18 450 1800 1500 100 1590


Single flow rate 20-1000m3/h(88-4400GPM)
The least working pressure ≤2.5bar
The pressure loss of cleaning ≤0.15bar
The highest temperature of working ≤150℃=302°F
The water consumption of self-cleaning one time 1%-2% of all water flow
Cleaning method Using inlet water to backwash  
Cleaning Time 30-90 seconds
Connect Method flange
Drain Diameter 25-100mm
Installation lamp Have
Chamber treated method Coslettizing
Working pressure 0.6 MPa,1.0 MPa,1.6 MPa,2.5 MPa
Filter precision 0.8-5mm(or customized)


Voltage 220V,50Hz
Power 100W
Control panel chamber material Carbon steel,304ss or 316L
Control type PLC

Equipment material

Chamber material Carbon steel,304SS or 316L
Strainer material 304SS or 316L
Strainer type Stainless steel complex strainer
Seal ring PTFE

Pressure Loss Table



Pipe diameter Installation Diagram


Installation Precautions

1. The principle of selection:according to the pipe diameter, the premise of meeting the working pressure and flow, try to use a larger standard models.
2. backwash filter mounted on the front of various types of valve inlet pipe configuration. Install a shut-off valve in front of the filter,Install a drain valve at the bottom of the filter, horizontal mounting the equipment, pay attention to the direction of the arrow marked on the equipment, make sure it is consistent with the medium flow direction direction; if mounted vertically, should make the inlet up, the water flowing into the apparatus from top to bottom.
3. Install three days after the first wash, after wash once a month, according to the water quality after proper cleaning.
4.Installed in the negative zone.
5. filters and water treatment equipment for use, should be installed before the intake of water treatment equipment.
6. bypass can be installed in order to facilitate maintenance.

Inner Structure








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