Four sets electronic water descalers have been completed and freighted successfully

By the hard working of more than a week, four sets of electronic water descalers, which ordered by the company from Wuxi have been completed and freighted successfully. Wuxi is located in the south of Jiangsu province,it’s one of the main cooperation areas of Changzhou Peide Water Treatment Equipment Co.,LTD.Our company is specialized in the design and production of electronic water descaler,recycled water treatment equipment,strong magnetic water treatment equipment and so on.The model of the electronic water descaler is CLDC-5D.It is to the Nobel Prize for physics winner Belgian scientists Dr Lorentz’s electromagnetic theory as a foundation,combined with many years of technical research and experience,successfully developed a new generation of electronic water processor.It can descaling,anti-scaling,sterilizing alga and rust corrosion resistance.

The parameter of electronic water descalers as below:
Model: CLDC-5D
Water flow: 180T/H
Water inlet&outlet: DN125
Device power:220V 50Hz

The packing of electronic water descalers as below:

the packing of electric scale-borer


four sets of electric scale-borerThe application of electronic water descalers:
1、Industrial recycling&cooling water
2、Air conditioning system
3、Heat exchange system
4、Production and life using water



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