Cooling Tower Descaler



Efficient separate and remove water scale

Anti corrosion, scale and rust

Kill bacterial, algae

Cooling Tower Descaler 1

Work Principle

Before use, water in cooling tower exists mainly 

as macro-molecule, which contains free oxygen, 

bacteria, organisms. Those are main reason to 

cause pipe rust, corrosion.  


In use, we makes use of electrolysis technology 

to create high frequency power, which break up 

water molecules. 



In this process, water molecules breaks as of 

electrolysis, creates active oxygen which can oxidize 

organisms, bacterial into CO2, and exhaust. Meanwhile, 

part free oxygen combines with free oxygen into o

xygen, exhaust. 

Finally negative pole gathers with lots active hydrogen, 

which helps cooling tower water stays in a strong reducing 


Remark: Red ball stands for free oxygen, black ball stands for bacterial, organisms. 



How does water scale harmful to equipment?

Water scale mainly consists of carbonate, magnesium, occupy 60%. Other kind scale includes sulfate, silicate, iron, occupy around 10%. Dust sludge around 30%. Scale largely reduce heat-exchange and reaction efficiency, which largely increase power consumption. Take center air-conditioning as example. Once scale 0.3mm forms at heat ex changer will cause 20% heat loss, increase 10% energy consumption.


Scale Thickness vs Heat Exchange Loss vs Equipment Power Consumption Chart

scale thickness(mm) heat exchange(BTU/ ft2 /℉) heat loss(%) Power consumption(%)
0.0mm 92.77 0 0%
0.3mm 73.68 21% 10%
0.6mm 61.12 34% 20%
0.9mm 52.2 44% 31%
1.2mm 45.6 56% 42%
1.6mm 39.52 57% 53%



Electrical descaler widely used at industry, agriculture, environmental protection field, and daily life. Example like: power plant, steel plant, cement factor, pharmaceutic, paper printing, coal and mining industry, etc.

In center air conditioning, electrical descaler helps solve scale, sludge sedimentation, bacterial problem. Center air conditioning system used at factory, hotel, shop mall, office building etc. 

In heat supply system to solve scale, rust problem. Such like: electronic factory, module factory, heating supply system. 

In boiler water treating, it can replace ion exchange softener equipment.  



1.Save Energy, Protect Environment

Electrical descaler can works under high efficiency, low power consumption. As of its constant working, which ensure constant electrolysis environment. It reduces over 4% power consumption. Easy to clean, no need drain,friendly to environment. 

Take 250KW center air conditioning system as example. 

 Install descaler, it will save 54% electricity if sale thickness 1.6mm.  (Save 340200 KWH)

 Install descaler, it will save 31% electricity if sale thickness 0.9mm.  (Save 195300 KWH)

 Install descaler, it will save 7.9% electricity if sale thickness 0.2-0.3mm.  (Save 49770KWH)

2.Low Cost Maintenance  

Take 400RT air conditioning as example. 

Electrical descaler input power is 350W, only cost USD500 operation cost. Easy to clean as well, around 15M one time.

3. Long lifetime

Electrical descaler can separated chemical corrosion, long its lifetime. 

4. Easy Operation 

Clean dirty collector 2-3times. 

After using 2months, water can achieve best condition. Even if stop using for one moth, recycling water systemwon’t appear stop working or alarm. 

 Technical Parameter and Specification 

Small scale water supply plant, home well usually have high hardness, bad taste. Electrical descalerenables to reduce water total hardness, total alkaline and total bacterial cluster. It keeps drinking water clean and safe. 

Water water treating plant usually has troubles of fast sediment sludge. Electrical descaler helps to reduce treating cost, absorb most heavy metal ion meanwhile, kill bacterial, protect environment. 


Install Chart


Installation Notice

1.Electrode bar should immerse in water
2.Keep control box as near electrode as possible, rain proof.
3.Don’t shut on/off frequently after connecting wire.
4.Close power supply before clean electrode
5.Clean electrode:
Disassemble 3 pieces screw and bolts

Take off both ends cover

Separate negative and positive electrode

Use nitrohydrochloric acid to clean electrodes 2-3minutes, wash with clean water till clean

Fix electrode at cooling tower for work

Wear protection glass, anti acid gloves when cleaning electrodes. Ask help for doctor if acid liquid touches skin.

After treating results