25 sets of UV sterilizers are ready to deliver

The UV sterilizer(alternate name UV disinfection,UV water purification,UV  water treatment equipment,UV water purifiers,UV disinfection equipment,UV radiation sterilization equipment) has two kinds.One is cavity postures UV sterilizer,alternate name over current UV sterilizer, pipeline UV sterilizer;the other is open channel UV disinfection system,alternate name  frame type UV sterilizer.

The UV sterilizer accessories including uv germicidal lamp,ballast,quartz tube,seals,Teflon pressure ring,uv lamp socket,etc.

The environmental technology company from Shanghai friendly cooperate with our company for many years.They placed a large number of orders to us every year.PEIDE has 14 years production experience of UV sterilizers.We are leading in the peer due to the high quality products and good service.

The 25 sets of UV sterilizers which orderd by the environmental technology company have been completed and ready to freight.The quality inspectors carried a comprehensive test on the UV sterilizers before delivery.All the 25 sets of UV sterilizers meet the following standard:

GB 5749 drinking water health standards
GB/T 5750.1 ~ 5750.13 standard test methods for drinking water
GB / T 9969 general rules for industrial product manual
GB / T 14253 general technical conditions for light industrial machinery
GB / T 19857 urban supply and drainage UV disinfection equipment
CJ/T 204 UV disinfection for drinking water
JB / T 2932 processing equipment and technical conditions

Besides,all the indicators such as air tightness test,water pressure test,dielectric strength,insulation resistance,fluid transportation safety,uv irradiation intensity,dose,residual bacteria and live bacteria counting meet the industry standard and the national standard.The fuselage surface of the UV sterilizers are smooth and the welding are uniform.

Friendly reminder:Please bring relevant documents when receiving the UV sterilizers.Unpacking inspection on the spot and check the outer packing.If there is any damaged or other problems,please don’t receive.You can contact our after-sales at once.

The documents of UV sterilizers as below:
Certificate 1 copy,Warranty card 1 copy,Packing List 1 copy,Operating manual 1copy,Testing report 1 copy.
Besides,there are 25 sets of UV sterilizers,225 pieces of UV lamps and 225 units of electric cabinets in the wooden cases.Electric cabinets and UV sterilizers all packed in wooden cases, fasteners fixed,ensure transportation safety.

The packing of the UV sterilizers as below:

packing of the UV sterilizers1

packing of the UV sterilizers2

packing of the UV sterilizers3

packing of the UV sterilizers4


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